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  • considerable amount of trimming and sanding, not for novice at all. Some small flaws bud dramatically cheaper than from GW. 4/5.
  • Arrived after four weeks but I kind of expected this. Product is what I was expecting so very happy with it.
  • Just got one of these in and am putting it together. some gaps but still an awesome peace.
  • Perfect, minimum of mold lines (In easy, non-essential area). The warp is acceptable. No breakage.
  • Perfect quality
  • Very good quality
  • Hello, This is Lucian1227 from eBay, may I say I love the model, didn't like the time that it took to get to me but hey you can not rush perfection. With this said in a day or two once I have it all painted up I will be posting a picture for you all. P.S. I will be getting Three battle tanks off of you all here shortly. Keep up the good work.
  • a lot of parts that moved when where curing so were silly, a few air bubles and very little bending(just the jetpack). with extra work, nice files, greenstuf and other fillers u can solve almost any problem. the bending wasnt horrible so with just the superglue they goes into their position. u can use hot water too to bend them out. a few parts need a little sanding to fit in place. quick tip, its a riptide but its a resin cast, u need to wash it propertly and u cant use regular citadel cement. u need superglue. im happy with the resut, its a lot of work but its like half price from a GW riptide. i dont know the quiality of small casts but with bigger models like battlesuits or tank i think i would buy anothe time here. i cant upload images to the review soo i will link them here.
  • great quality and value
  • Doors too large for H002, one of parts ill cast
  • Mister misery 1901
  • Mister misery 1901